A floral answer to the produce box, our Petal Boxes include anywhere from six to 15 bundles of our grower’s very best blooms and foliage for you to use in your DIY arrangements. Each week’s assortment will feature hand-selected flowers that will spark your next floral adventure. Whether you’re a flower lover looking to flex your creative muscle with some DIY arranging at home or you’re assembling a group of friends for a fun, floral arranging party, it all starts with a Petals Box. Friendly Tip: Each box comes with a bountiful array of flowers. If you have a little leftover, consider using the extra to make mini-bouquets for friends or neighbors as a way to brighten their day. Flowers are always a good idea, especially when they’re unexpected!


Before all else, let’s give each stem a little trim. Using a sharp knife or a pair of scissors, trim about ½” off each stem at a 45° angle. Cutting it at a slant gives the stem some space at the bottom to drink more easily. If possible, try to give a quick trim every couple of days to ensure that they are able to continue drinking fresh water as they age.


Like any guest coming to your home after a long trip, your flowers are going to be a little parched. After their trim, offer your floral guests a cool drink of fresh water. Try to change the water at least every other day to keep the bacteria away. Clean water helps your blooms last longer!


Flowers bring their own kind of light to any space they’re in. They don’t need any help from their post-harvest frenemies: direct sunlight and extreme heat. Although they got along well in the field, things changed between them once the flowers got cut. So if you want your flowers to last, keep them a few feet from a window sill and keep the temperature mild.

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